Photo: Mike Lewis, Ola Vista Photography


Our event is volunteer based. We are especially looking for kayakers and people with motor boats. We are also looking for people who have participated in these types of events, or people who just want to help. All volunteers will receive a tee shirt, and food and refreshment after the race.

Please complete our Contact form and let us know when you can help out. We are looking for volunteers for 2018, especially with kayak or boats.

2018 Volunteers

Race Director

Christophe Lissarrague

Helping Hands

John Lomas; Laura Lomas; Dawn Mahar; Tom Mahar; Nicole O’brien


Konstantin Afanasyev; Christina Kiehl; Oliver Kiehl; Nina Lissarrague; Ben Mitchell; Clark Schmitt; Kim Schmitt; Eric Smelter; Mark Whitt

Medical Doctor

Elizabeth Afanasyev

Lead Boat

Skip Echelberger; Brad Echelberger

Sweeper Boat

Kurt Wetzell


Tim Canciola, Donal Curly, Carol Hanley, T Karl Hubbard, Gail Nilson, Peter Rosenfeld, Randy Rowland, Bob Shumaher


Dana Adams (studiowerks)

Our Sponsors